Menu De-Constructed….Cheesecake Factory!

You know I love you all when I went through over 200 items on this menu to bring you the best and worst. This was exhausting, but worth it for my friends who are trying to get, or stay…”skinnylicious”!

Appetizers: (remember these are for 2-4 servings!)
+ Best: Chicken Pot Stickers- 377 calories
Tuna Ahi Carpaccio- 260 calories
Edamame- 323 calories (typically a good choice, no matter where you go!)
+ Worst: Factory Appetizer Favorites (or a mix of the worst appetizers for you!)- 3218 calories!!
Factory Nachos with Spicy Chicken- 1931calories (and 62gm of SATURATED fat!)
Guacamole, Made to Order- 1608 calories

+ Best: Small Vegetable Chopped Salad with Chicken- 390 calories
Luau Lunch Salad (Regular size)- 509 calories
AVOID the Caesar!
+ Worst: ALL of the pizzas and burgers. I couldn’t even pick one because they are all horrible. Avoid.
Also, as a rule of thumb, avoid caesar salads. The dressing is loaded with calories.
Oh! The FLATBREADS off of the “skinnylicious” menu are another option in place of the pizza. I recommend the mozzarella and tomato one!

+ Best: Skinnylicious Factory Chopped Salad- 570 calories (and I bet you can’t even eat the whole thing!)- Delicious!!
Skinnylicious Grilled Chicken- 560 calories with lots of veggies and protein- GREAT option!
(Ok, lets just make it easy…these were the Best, but I would just go with anything from the Skinnylicious Menu options)
Chicken & Biscuits…:-/
+ Worst: Well, this was easy. Practically all of the Burgers, Pastas and “Signature Dishes”. Just to name a few…Pasta Carbonara and Bistro Shrimp Pasta both rang in with just over 2100 calories. Gross.
Believe it or not, the Miso Salmon had 1681 calories. Avoid.
Chicken and Biscuits (some of my friends fav)- ::gulp:: 2262 calories!

+ Best: Duh. The “Goblet” of Fresh Strawberries! No additives, just the strawberries..:)
Also, The Low-Carb Original Cheesecake would be your best Cheeseckae option at 570 calories (not too bad if you share!)
+ Worst: Peanut Buter Cup Fudge Ripple Cheesecake- 1326 calories
Brownie Sundae Cheesecake- 1265 calories
…and everyone’s favorite, the Oreo Cheesecake- 869 calories..ouch!

Overall, unless you stick to the “skinnylicious” menu, which does offer tasty options, this restaurant is packed full of calories and foods that everyone should just be avoiding. No wonder it is “America’s Favorite Chain Restaurant”!

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